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I help start and grow businesses that get more traffic and sales without feeling stressed or overwhelming/ complex marketing systems. 


How I Help

Graphic Design & Tech Help

Content Creation

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About Lavenia

Hey, Heyyy!

I used to do all the things… selling products, graphic design, web design, pole fitness lessons, creating custom natural hair care products, custom t-shirts and other personalized designs, travel sized fragrances… you get the point, right?

Now I help others birth and brand their OWN successful businesses fast. I do this by pairing my knowledge + tech skills with coaching, content creation, & design.

If you want help getting more traffic and sales to an existing business, or are ready to get your new business up and running, lets talk.  

Start or Grow Your Business

I take a different approach to helping you grow your business

I take on a hybrid approach when it comes to helping you create, grow, and build your business. I pair my business framework with your personality to create the identity and content that best represents your brand paired with the vibe that your customers are looking for.

Regardless of whether you need tech help, traffic and sales strategy or coaching to start and grow your business… it is my belief that following a framework is only part of the process.  Adding a taste of you to the framework is how your business attracts your perfect people and gets you results.


Happy Clients

“I really loved working with Lavenia. She was really fast and very patient with my ideas, needs, and wants. I would recommend anyone and everyone to her. The professionalism and just the all around experience was perfect.”

Whitney Tinsley

Sports Talk With Whitney B

“Lavenia is an incredible business woman, mentor, colleague, and friend! She is incredibly skilled at selling products online, marketing, and helping women build their businesses!

Lavenia has shared so many amazing resources and so much knowledge, which makes her an incredible mentor!

She is kind, open, fun, and has a huge heart! She’s definitely helped me take my MIndset and Sexual Empowerment Coaching business to the next level! If your’re considering working with her, I’d HIGHLY recommend it! You wont regret it 🙂 “

Michelle Zakrison

The Dancing Healer

“Listen, I had an impromptu Power Hour with Lavenia to see if she could resurrect an idea I had and it was AMAZING! I thought I knew marketing until she effortlessly broke down the brain, how buyers think and the psychological pieces to it all – JUST WOW.

Her passion and expertise was simply mind blowing and I can say that I have truly found someone who is not only capable of getting me results, but someone who shares my level of hard work and passion for my brand.

Thank you so much Lavenia and I am looking forward to our next Power Hour. BOOK HER ASAP, SHE THE TRUTH!”

Shontaye Bibbs


I’m starting a new program next month, and I'm looking for a few specific people⁣! So if you...⁣

1. Are wanting to start your own business online, or grow an existing business. ⁣
2. Are wanting to make 4 & 5k per month⁣
3. Have time to work an hour a day, starting next month.⁣
4. Are willing to work hard (as long as you have a gameplan).⁣
5. Are friendly and coachable⁣

Book a call below and I’ll send you the information!

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